Tile & Stone

More Options Than You'd Ever Expect.

You can count on finding the latest in stone colors and sizes in our tile department - from the large-format, multi-size patterns to the most up-to-date glass tiles. We provide a unique combination of Spanish and Italian porcelains as well as chiseled, aged, and tumbled stones to make any room look the way you want. We have interior products for your home or commerical use, as well as those for your patio or pool area.

There are many options now for grouts that are low maintenance. For many years sealing the grout was the only way to protect from staining. New chemically enhanced grouts provide the proper protection from soiling. These are essential in wet areas such as showers, exterior applications, and most commercial spaces.

Get the Most For Your Money.

We have the proper tools, and professional service technicians who know and understand how to install everything from large format polished marble to high-end glass tile.

Our staff can also provide critical help in choosing the right metals for transition to adjacent surfaces. We can recommend the right system for you for waterproofing and thinnest. This will help us obtain a manufacturers written warranty for your residential or commercial job. In most cases, those are 10-15 years, depending upon the conditions and products used.

Helpful Tips:
  • Large tiles are more common and require specific thinset to insure proper ahesion.
  • Special care in installation procedures are required to minimize the chance of large tiles cracking.
  • Our unique grout additives significantly improve long term maintenance and cleaning.